Transfer application

Transfer is one of the most important electronic applications specialised in the field of shipping and delivery, which enables users to send their products and property in the fastest way by searching for travellers within the application and view the property products to be sent to the destination specified by the traveller within the shortest possible time and with minimal effort, and whether the quality of shipments to be sent . To make it easier for the user to find the traveller to the destination to be sent and to provide direct communication among them with ease.

Highlighted Features

Secure shipping solutions
Through the transfer application, the user can ensure that the shipment reaches the recipient by photographing the shipment and attaching it to the application for easy matching

Biggest cover

The transfer application supports many regions that cover most of the kingdom so that the sender can send his shipments wherever he wants within the kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Opening hours

Drivers are available twenty-four hours throughout the day on the Ali Derby app to meet the needs of all users all times

Speed of shipment

The transfer application provides fast shipping service throughout the kingdom through the availability of drivers in most parts of the kingdom to deliver the required shipments

Schedule shipments

Through the transfer application, the user can schedule shipments anywhere in the kingdom on any date available to him drivers

Permanent follow-up

Transfer allows permanent follow-up at all times to follow up any complaint or report from any user and work to solve all of them as soon as possible

Passenger registration system service

The application enables you to register a regular user and then create a trip and then it is necessary to add identification papers such as passport or national identity and important and official information to add security to beneficiaries when sending their shipments.

Order and delivery system

Do not worry about ordering and delivery, according to the agreement with the origin of the trip by applying to the method of payment, shipping and delivery and the type of shipment sent

Security and reliability:

There are two types of advertisers and sellers institutions, companies and individuals institutions are registered by official papers such as commercial registration and national identity so you can trust them

Make sure the quality

You can review passenger reviews, positive or negative reviews and comments made by the customer who has already experienced the traveller

Have a question?

Not sure about the problem of ordering or need an assistant of experience, you can contact the administration of the application by phone or message system.