Our projects

discover variety of our websites design & mobile application, intcore served several industry, for example apps for automotive, health care, legal, ngo, governments, education, entertainment, beauty ….etc


Deal of sale mobile phone store
The purpose of this project is to provide an e-commerce application selling home accessories, kitchen and household antiques.


Tastefully applied delicacy
The purpose of this project is to provide a solution for people looking for productive families products to find the best products

Ghada market

Ghada market application
The purpose of this project is to enable users, whether sellers or buyers, to sell and purchase various goods, products and services

My Facility

My Facility Application
Manshati is one of the most important pioneers of specialised electronic applications in the field of classified advertising


Transportation and Roadside Assistance
Everywhere and anytime
The largest fleet in the Middle East is dedicated to helping and treating

Transfer application

Transfer is one of the most important electronic applications specialised in the field of shipping and delivery, which enables users to send their products and property in the fastest way by searching

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