Web application development

RIA provides high-quality, cost-effective and reliable custom software development services tailored to your specific needs, budget and time frame. From simple customizations to developing full-cycle programs that align with your vision, HTML has the expertise to deliver.

Web programming Services

User experience and design

Our user experience (UX) and our design specialists are very attentive to the needs of end users. We appreciate programs that not only work properly, but have a great design and are easy to use. Our graphic design department UI / UX consists of graphic design experts, our programmers and testers are also trained in design.

E-commerce development

Softlix offers a full range of ecommerce development services, including strategy, integration, migration and of course building results-driven online stores. We also provide ongoing support and maintenance, to help keep your site running at all times with a technical support system through memory that facilitates orderly follow-up.

Systems programming ERP

The letters of the word ERP is considered the test of the term Enterprise Resource Planning and being translated into Arabic the planning of all resources of the enterprise; it is a technical system depends on the computer, and the compilation of all the data of the enterprise or organisation in a single database, the beginning of all human resources related data transportation fleet management, sales, production and others.

Methodology of work:

Agile methodology is a method started to manage software projects and develop its own language such as Java, the goal of which is to obtain several important results such as increasing profits and growth and gaining loyalty and lasting customer trust, rather than just lines of software, as used to improve services, processes and business models. Previously, the traditional methods were used in Project Management, which is the waterfall method. We are distinguished by using the generational methodology that allows our customers to continuously develop, quickly check and follow up the completion of the work.

Techniques we use:


Content management systems

Data base

frame work

Server technology

Latest Project

AerBag Mobile Application

Find Certified workshop to fix your car

iOS Android Web

The Purpose of This Mobile Application Platform is to Provide a Solution For Car Owners to Find The Best Workshops in Their Location Which Can Provide The Services Requested and fix their car ASAP or Client Can Post a Porject With all Details and Receved Bids.


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