Ghada market application

The purpose of this project is to enable users, whether sellers or buyers, to sell and purchase various goods, products and services within the shortest possible time and with minimal effort, whether the condition of those products is new or used. To make it easier for the user to find what he is looking for or advertise what he wants to sell there are Main and sub-sections to view and browse the various types of goods and services traded between them and provide direct communication among them with ease.

Highlighted Features

Chats:You like a particular product or ad you can communicate with the seller directly through chat

Service provider registration system

You can add your activity and get an unlimited number of requests, then you can select the working hours that suit you with monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual subscriptions depending on your desire and budget

Order and delivery system

Do not worry about ordering and delivery, according to the agreement with the service provider or the seller on the method of payment, shipping and delivery, product quality and verification

Security and reliability:

There are two types of advertisers and sellers institutions, companies and individuals institutions are registered by official papers such as commercial registration and national identity so you can trust them

Make sure the quality

You can review service provider reviews, positive or negative reviews and feedback from the customer who has already experienced the seller

Have a question?

Not sure about the problem of ordering or need an assistant of experience, you can contact the administration of the application by phone or message system.