Tastefully applied delicacy

The purpose of this project is to provide a solution for people looking for productive families products to find the best products and delicious meals as well as provide a platform for productive families to work in their locations. However, productive families can register their own delivery representatives and manage the delivery of orders, a project that brings together productive families and customers and the application is programmed using the language flutter.

Highlighted Features

Neighbouring productive families

Would you like to order food in a hurry It is easy to find the nearest food producing family as quickly as possible

Service provider registration system

You can add your activity and get an unlimited number of requests, then you can select the working hours that suit you

Have a question?

Not sure about your request Or you need an assistant of experience, you can contact the administration of the application directly by telephone or message system.


Order and delivery system

Do not worry about the order and delivery , you will receive an update notification of the status of the order immediately after registration is in progress or on the way to you or has been delivered and all the cases of the order and when ordering you can see that the producing family supports delivery or not and in the case of

Security and reliability:

There are two types of advertisers and sellers institutions, companies and individuals institutions are registered by official papers such as commercial registration and national identity so you can trust them.