Deal of sale mobile phone store
The purpose of this project is to provide an e-commerce application selling home accessories, kitchen and household antiques.
So that the application is programmed using the language of the flutter and the issuance of the API to link with the WordPress platform connecting databases, and operations of electronic payment system premium

Highlighted Features

Interest-free annuity system

You can buy with tappy and Tamara premium system

Connect the application with the SYSTEMR

The application has been linked with the system of accounting and inventory management and all operations carried out in the application are credited and recorded by the company's articles of association

Fix updates

Do not worry about the progress of shipping , you will receive an update notification once the order has been processed or its status updated from the system administration, you will be notified

Have a question?

Not sure about your request Or you need an assistant of experience, you can contact the administration of the application directly by telephone or message system.